About the band

Since 2022

How It All Began

Animalize is a Danish Glam-Rock band, with catchy sing-along lyrics, wild riffs, thundering drums and an exploding energy on stage that has left the audience shocked, uncertain of what their next shows might bring.

“Truly an event to fill any lusting rock soul out there”

- High Voltage

The band Animalize made their very first appearance in an underground rock club “High Voltage” in 2022, as a no pay warm-up band and quickly stole the show. They returned and played three sold-out headliner shows, and have since then taken over the stages of Copenhagen - playing venues like ‘Rust’, ‘Pumpehuset’ & ‘Cirkusbygningen’ - some of the most iconic venues in all of Denmark, and appearing in danish magazines like “SE&HØR” and “Sladderkongen”.

When you go to an Animalize concert – you don’t just listen to the music – you also watch an act that will blow your mind! The show is a founding pillar of our DNA

– Clay Ronson

The four guys all share the love for the old, raw 80’s rock sound, and that’s clearly shining through as they play, making people forget both time and place.

“When we think of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, we think of the 80’s - everything was so wild. The eye popping colors, the hair and outfits, a living energy, and we bring all that. We don’t just do concerts. We do shows, bringing all to one”

- Chris Clark

Clay Ronson (Lead guitar) and Chris Clark (Drums) met back in 2017 and have since then known their destiny of playing music and performing together. But as years passed, their long search of finding both a singer and bass player living up to their high demands - and having that exact same drive of going the distance - they were close to giving up on their lifelong dream. It wasn’t until 2021 when Chris stumbled across a post on a website and they found Vikki Mahrt (lead vocals), who brought back the spark that reignited the old dream

They established Animalize in January 2022, as they found Razzy Mayhem (Bass). Fans of Animalize were now demanding songs on music platforms for them to be listening to, so in late 2022 they took some old songs written by Clay and Chris, and recorded what would become their first two singles “Can’t Be Tamed”, recorded in famous ARK Studio, and “Hot But Dangerous” recorded in the all new Panalama Studio. Both were released in 2023.

I’ve just heard the new single from Danish glam/ hard rock band Animalize. These boys are definitely something !! They have the right attitude, just like they had back in the 80s. It’s cool that we have a band that sounds like they grew up in Hollywood back then - the funny part is they weren’t even born in that era!. How cool is that? Good job, and I’m excited to hear more!”

- Ken Anthony.

The band is now working hard on songwriting and studio recordings, as they signed a contract with Panalama Studio on recording and producing their debut album. The album will be released Spring of 2024, followed by an Album Release Tour, called the ‘Can’t Be Tamed Tour’ - lasting throughout the year.