About Animalize

Animalize is a Danish glam-rock band, with members: Lead-singer; Vikki Mahrt, guitarist; Clay Ronson, drummer; Chris Clark and bass player; Raz.

The founding members, Chris & Clark met in 2017 and together they created a musical vision which later was named Animalize. A vision that would bring back the glory of the 80’s to the stages once again – though added with some modern inspiration as well. Animalize wanted to leave the classic “let’s just play some live music”, and bring back focus on the live show.

When you go to an Animalize concert – you don’t just listen to the music – you also watch an act that will blow your mind! The show is a founding pillar of our DNA” – Clay Ronson

With easy sing-a-long choruses, choreography between the members, rocking riffs and an exploading show – you have everything you need for bringing back the glory of the 80’s rock shows.

This was brought to life in the summer of 2021, when Vikki Mahrt joined the band and the last piece ensembled when bass player Raz joined in December.

Since then, the band has fulfilled their promises to the venues around the Danish country, where they have tried out their show and songs in front of crowds on smaller clubs the through 2022 – after every concert, the same thing was said by the audience; “WE WANT MORE!”.

Now, Animalize is working hard in the studio to get their music out for the people. With their debut single mastered and done, they are now releasing the first song on all streaming services.

Animalizes debut single; “Can’t Be Tamed”, and is getting released on March the 7th 2023.

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